Room: A Universe Within Four Walls


Room (2015) | Duration: 1h 58m | Director: Lenny Abrahamson | Writer: Emma Donoghue, based on her novel of the same name | Cast: Brie Larson, Jacob Tremblay, Sean Bridgers | Country: Canada, Ireland


“…truck, wiggle out, jump, run!”

Comes from a novel-based story by Emma Donoghue about a boy with his mom stuck in a shed, room tells us something we barely thinking about. Adapted from a sexual harassment and human kidnapping issue, we will see the world from a 5 years old boy named Jack who assumed the shed is all the universe he knows. In the reliable director, it could be an outstanding thriller story but Room is more than that. It’s more than about a suspense survival story.

Ma (Brie Larson) was being kidnapped and raped by a guy called ‘The Old Nick’ when he walked down from school to home, then grounded in a small shed for 7 years. She was raped many times by a sexual predator called “The Old Nick” till she gave birth a baby boy, Jack (Jacob Tremblay). She raised him in Room for 5 years long. So that all real things that Jack knows were things that only available in Room, like wastafle, bed, wardrobe, Tv and besides those all is fake. Even dogs aren’t real because it isn’t available in Room. But then when he turns 5, Ma tells everything completely different so that Jack thinks Ma is a liar. It isn’t easy to convince Jack who haven’t seen any real world things outside the shed. But, Ma needs to make him know the truth.

this movie portrays how a 5 years old child could be sensitive and clever, no more plain image but a critical mind of children. And it also portrays Ma’s capability to raised a smart and healthy kid without any touch from the outside world for years. This movie rich of parenting issues instead of an intense live survival story. That means it’s kinda out of the mainstream theme about stuck-in-a-place films.

And also, the plot has branched off at the complesion. Ma and Jack have to survive the real world situation for the very first time after awhile. But apparently, Ma is the one who couldn’t be more adaptable than Jack. Then another conflict appears.

Over all, as far as I’m concerned, this movie contains several heavy issues that occurs near us that people barely concerned about, but beautifully crafted into a simple story between a mother and a daughter. It tells more about some of implicit messages such as; a kid nowadays is being busy with their gadget and video games. Thus, they don’t know how the real world situation is. Those gadgets are reflected by the Room which only has a small space but assumed as the world by Jack or any other children.

so, yeah, I’ma stop spoiling around and let you see it by yourself.

Metacritcs 86%

(Tazkia Qalbi)

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